Jul 31

Does Historical Milestone Mean Anything?

You tell me, do historical Washington baseball statistics mean anything? I personally think keeping historical numbers that span across the different Washington major league franchises are worth keeping and sharing with the current Washington baseball fans. The difficult decision is deciding what numbers you use. Do you go all the way back to the 1886 season when the Washington Nationals first played in the national league? I would if I thought the statistics from the late 1800’s were 100% accurate.

I think I am like most D.C. baseball fans I consider the 1901 Washington Senators the first true major league team in the Nation’s Capital with the 1961 expansion Senators being the second team and the Washington Nationals the city’s third team. I believe most fans are aware that Washington won the 1924 World Series against the New York Giants. Most fans know Washington’s Walter Johnson was probably the best player to have ever pitched in the major leagues. I also think most Washington fans know if you mention the name Hondo you are talking about Frank Howard the most dominating sluggers in Washington baseball history.

What most fans may not be aware of is since the 1901 season the three Washington major league baseball teams have scored a total of 49,990 runs. Again, some fans may say who cares it doesn’t mean a thing. And once again I would disagree. I think it is very important. What it means to me is since 1901 Washington baseball fans have had at least 49,987 reasons to cheer for their team. Yes, it is true Washington teams have lost a lot more games than they have won since 1901. And we know the teams have given up a lot more runs than they have scored but that doesn’t mean we don’t get happy every time a Washington ball player scores a run.

Once again I ask you does it matter to you that sometime during the next couple of games one of the Nationals’ will score the 50,000th run since 1901.

*Updated on August 1, 2011


Washington’s top run producing teams since 1901
1 Washington Senators – 1930 892
2 Washington Senators – 1936 889
3 Washington Senators – 1933 850
4 Washington Senators – 1931 843
5 Washington Senators – 1932 840
6 Washington Senators – 1925 829
7 Washington Senators – 1935 823
8 Washington Senators – 1938 814
9 Washington Senators – 1926 802
10 Washington Senators – 1927 782
Most Runs scored by a Washington player since 1901
1 Sam Rice 1,466
2 Joe Judge 1,154
3 Buddy Meyer 1,037
4 Clyde Milan 1,004
5 Eddie Yost 971
6 Mickey Vernon 956
7 Ossie Bluege 883
8 Goose Goslin 854
9 Buddy Lewis 830
10 George Case 739
Runs Scored by Washington Major League baseball clubs since 1901
1 Washington Nationals/Senators (1901 – 1960) 39,061
2 Washington Senators (1961 – 1971) 6,452
3 Washington Nationals (2005 – July 31, 2011) 4,477