Feb 25

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February 25

Senators Birthdays

James Millard Hayes B Feb. 25, 1912 D Nov. 27, 1963

Senators Short Timer Jim Hayes would be on the Senators roster for almost 1 month in July and August of 1935. Pitching in 7 games, Hayes would post a 2-4 record and depart the Senators, and the majors, with an 8.36 ERA.

Jim Hayes career record

Albert Wayne Hollingsworth B Feb. 25, 1908 D Apr. 28, 1996

Debuting with the Cincinnati Reds in 1935, pitcher Al Hollingsworth would play for 6 different teams over an 11 year career.

Hollingsworth would post a 6-13 record in 38 games his rookie season, finishing with a 3.89 ERA. He’d remain with the Reds through June of 1938 when he was traded to the Philadelphia Phillies.

Finishing the 1938 season in Philadelphia, Hollingsworth would start the 1939 season in Philadelphia as well. In mid-July he was traded once again, this time to the New York Yankees. However, Hollingsworth would never play for the Bronx Bombers and would be sold 1 month later to the Brooklyn Dodgers where he’d finish the 1939 season going 1-2 in 8 games.

Hollingsworth was on the move again just prior to the start of the 1940 season when he was sold to the Washington Senators. He’d pitch in 3 games for Washington, posting a 1-0 record, but with a 5.50 ERA and would be returned to Brooklyn less than 1 month after his purchase.

Hollingsworth would not play in the major leagues for the rest of the 1940 season, nor would he appear in 1941.

Resurfacing with the St. Louis Browns in 1942, Hollingsworth would post the first winning record of his career (if we discount the 1-0 mark during his brief stint in Washington) by going 10-6 in 33 games for the Browns, lowering his ERA to 2.96 in the process.

Hollingsworth would make his only postseason appearance with the Browns in 1944 pitching in 1 game of the World Series as the Cardinals defeated the Browns in 6 games.

Hollingsworth would remain with the Browns through June of 1946 when he was released and signed by the Chicago White Sox.

Hollingsworth would go 3-2 in 21 games with the Pale Hose, his last major league appearance coming in late September of 1946.

Al Hollingsworth career record

Stanley Milton Rees B Feb. 25, 1899 D Aug. 30, 1937

Senators Short Timer Stan Rees would appear in 2 games with the 1918 Senators, posting a 1-0 record and leaving the majors with a 0.00 ERA.

Stan Rees career record

John Edward Schaive B Feb. 25, 1934 D May 11, 2009

Originally signed by the Chicago White Sox in 1953, Johnny Schaive is 1 of 3 players (The others: Rudy Hernandez and Hector Maestri) to have played for both the original and expansion Senators and no other teams in their major league career.

Schaive would be picked up by the Senators before the 1955 season and would make his major league debut in September of 1958. Playing in 7 games, Schaive would go 6 for 24 at the plate.

Schaive would make brief appearances with the Senators in both 1959 and 1960.

The original Senators moved to Minnesota after the 1960 season. However, Schaive would be selected in the expansion draft by the “new” Senators.

Spending the 1961 season in Columbus, Schaive would play in 82 games for the expansion Senators in 1962. Originally a 2nd baseman, Schaive would spend most of his time at 3rd during his most active season.

Schaive would appear in just 3 games in 1963 and would be sold to Jacksonville in late April, ending his major league career.

Johnny Schaive career record