Jun 24

Bring back the Rally Horse

With Ryan Zimmerman possibly going back on the DL! Great pitching but a struggling offense. It is time for the Nationals to bring back a secret weapon from the distant past. Well before the Angels had the rally horse the District had the rally horse! A mere look of the horse would insure the success of a rally!

The despised J Earl Wagner hated horse racing, the only sport he didn’t like. But he liked horses and he had a big sorrel horse, “Phil Armour.” In the 1890s “Phil” was kept in a little shed in far left field but still visible from the stands. No idea if the shed was in play but assume it was.

Whenever “Phil” turned his head toward the diamond it was considered a lucky omen and every fan looked for a rally or the game was as good as lost if he did not look.

Sadly the construction of a new outfield fence shuts out the view of the little shed. And the rally horse was no more.

“Phil” was an old Chicago fire department house presented by the person with the same name. “Phil” does not like song singing and the rumbling of wheels will set him on a rampage. One year “Phil” got loose and chased Billy Hamilton around the ballpark. Hamilton I think won.