Feb 21

Say No to MASN! Say No to Peter!

We want to thank Mr. Heller for his article, good job sir.

It has prompted us to write this. Our anger with the MASN situation goes well beyond scheduling. Are we the only ones who are tired of the Baltimore slant to the broadcasts? The merry hunt to see where the game is, MASN or MASN2. If MASN is the preferred channel I wonder who they would pick Baltimore or Washington. And this one, having Oriole announcers in the broadcast booth during a game. Would love to see that in New York, Boston. How far would that fly?

Regional television contracts are changing the landscape of baseball. The Rangers have a deal in place that is over $1.6 billion. The Dodgers hope to use their deal to buy a pennant. And here in Washington? Here in Washington, the Orioles own MASN. Want a second class team here, it might happen if this nonsense keeps up.

Imagine the anger if the Cowboys owned the Washington football broadcasting package, or if the Yankees had the rights to the Red Sox. You would have rebellion.

So the Nationals are now trying to get more money from their TV deal. They remain far apart with the Orioles so the negotiations were kicked up to the Commissioner’s office for adjudication.

The case is currently being arbitrated by the commissioner’s office, consisting of a three-member committee with representatives from both teams.  In July we were informed by Mr. Selig that the discussions were “very intense.” He adds, “It’s a matter that was very complicated,” Selig said. “You can second-guess anything in history. … We just have to work our way through this. And disputes between clubs are not uncommon. That’s why we have a commissioner.”

Some time past, a MASN film crew asked if they could film us. I scribbled “Peter Sucks” on the back of my scorebook and held it up. The cameraman lowered the camera. I can’t film that he said. Peter would not like it.

With no end in sight I think the time has come for Nationals fans to exploit the issue and use MASN to deliver the message. What better vehicle then MASN to tell MLB and the Orioles that we are not going to take it anymore.

No doubt there are media savvy Nats fan who could get this done. We live in a video age; imagine how fast an image of protesters at a Nationals or Orioles game would spread. Imagine ESPN opening with a segment of oddly attired Nats fans protecting in front of a MASN comers. Ratings gold.