Jul 28

Gunshots from inside Fenway Park

Here is a true story about Ted Williams that might be of interest to DC baseball fans.

One year, possibly 1941 although I don’t know that for certain, the Washington Senators would arrive early at Fenway Park in Boston for batting practice and were surprised to hear gunshots from inside Fenway Park!  As it turned out, Boston Red Sox owner Tom Yawkey had employed Ted Williams to shoot some of the pigeons flying around the ball park.  Ted, with his wonderful hand/eye coordination was most happy to oblige “the boss” as it gave him a good excuse to practice another one of his favorite end of baseball season activities.  Ted was outstanding with both a shotgun and fly rod!

Of course, Ted was also an excellent tennis player and Washington sportswriter Russ White would often “partner” with Ted on the tennis court when Williams was the manager of the “expansion” Washington Senators.

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