October 2013 archive

Oct 09

The Alerts!

Two years after the color barrier had been established in baseball an historic game took place. The 3 September 1869 match between the Olympic Club of Philadelphia and the Pythian Club of the same city took place, the first recognized contest between white and black clubs. Octavius Catto was a noted player on the Pythian …

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Oct 06

Gambling and Game Fixing

Were members of the 1886 Washington Club guilty of fixing games? There were warnings throughout the year that something was up. No doubt rumors spread by people who had some knowledge of the bets that had been placed. The evidence indicates that at least one game was fixed, but there could easily have been several …

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Oct 02

Hoy a Maroon

Washington baseball enthusiasts would have read the following in December 1886, “Dummy Hoy, the St. Louis Maroons’ deaf-mute outfielder, is said to be quite a sprinter, good batsman, excellent fielder and one of the best throwers in the business.” The Maroons of St. Louis trace their origin to the Union Association. Henry Lucas founded the …

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