Apr 23

Yanks Kidnap Shepard

On 18 March 1945, the Old Fox declared war on the Yankees for kidnapping Bert Shepard. Shepard had been

Bert  Shepard

Bert Shepard

working out in College Park when Colonel Lee MacPhail, who was affiliated with the Yankees, showed up and disappeared with the young lefty.

MacPhail then held a news conference in Atlantic City that had the wires buzzing with news that he had spirited Shepard away from Griffith. Griffith heard this and was quoted as saying, “That snatch of Shepard was a lousy trick.” It wasn’t until the following day that the “affair” was cleared up to everyone’s satisfaction. The War Department had arranged the stunt. They wanted Shepard to work out with the Yankees and help the morale of more than 100 disabled veterans.