Mar 15

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March 15

1944 In accordance with wartime travel restrictions the Washington Senators train at the University of Maryland.

The Senators enter camp with 6 knuckleball pitchers on their spring training roster: Alex Carrasquel, Mickey Haefner, Dutch Leonard, Bill Lefebvre, Johnny Niggleing and Roger Wolff. Haefner, Leonard, Niggeling and Wolff all are selected for the starting rotation (along with Early Wynn) while Carrasquel and Lefebvre are assigned to the bullpen. Catcher Rick Ferrell has the unbelievable task of being the primary catcher for the staff.

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1945 Bert Shepard, a one-legged pitcher whose leg was amputated after being shot down in March of 1944 on a

Bert Shepard

Bert Shepard

World War II flying mission is given a tryout with the Washington Senators. Shepard will join the ranks of “One Game Wonders” in August but what a game! Shepard will pitch 5 and 1/3 rd innings against the Boston Red Sox surrendering just 1 run and will be an inspiration to other wounded war veterans.

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No Senators players were born on March 15th. I suspect the stork is once again resting up for what promises to be a very busy March 16th in the Senators delivery room!