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March 24

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Augustin Joseph (Gus) Dugas B Mar. 24, 1907 D Apr. 14, 1997

Outfielder, and occasional 1st baseman, Gus Dugas played for 4 seasons with 3 different teams, appearing in a grand total of 125 games.

Beginning his short tour of the major leagues in 1930 with the Pittsburgh Pirates, Dugas would come to the Pirates in mid-September. He’d play in 9 games, hitting .290. Missing the 1931 season, Dugas would be back with the Pirates in 1932 when he’d have his most active season, playing in 55 games.

Traded to the Philadelphia Phillies, Dugas would play in 37 games in 1933. Making his way down the eastern seaboard, Dugas would spend a part of 1934 with the Washington Senators, playing in 24 games. Dugas would only have 1 hit in 19 AB and his last major league game would be in late June.

“Gus” Dugas career record

Albert Karl (Kip) Selbach B Mar. 24, 1872 D Feb. 17, 1956

Kip Selbach

Kip Selbach

Outfielder Kip Selbach began his major league career way back in 1894 with the National League Washington Senators. Spending 5 years in Washington, Selbach would hit over .300 each year.

Purchased by the Cincinnati Reds after the 1898 season, Selbach would spend 1 season with the Reds, hitting .296 in 140 games.

Purchased by the New York Giants before the start of the 1900 season, Selbach would spend 2 years with the Giants. He’d hit an impressive .337 in 1900.

After the 1901 season, Selbach would jump to the Baltimore Orioles of the newly-formed American League. Selbach would hit .320 in 128 games.

Signed by the American League Washington Senators for the 1903 season, Selbach would play in 140 games, his BA dropping to .251.

Selbach would start the 1904 season in Washington, but after 48 games he was traded to the Boston Americans (Later to become the Red Sox.) for Bill O’Neill. Selbach would finish the 1904 season in a Boston uniform and would return to play for Boston in 1905 and a portion of 1906, his last major league game coming in late June of 1906.

“Kip” Selbach career record

George Harold Sisler B Mar. 24, 1893 D Mar. 26, 1973

Here we go again…Hall OF Famer George Sisler would spend 15 seasons in the major leagues with the St. Louis Browns, Washington Senators and Boston Braves. He’d play in a grand total of 2055 games. Only 20 of those games were with the Washington Senators.

Arriving on the major league scene in late June of 1915 with the St. Louis Browns, 1st baseman Sisler would distinguish himself playing 12 seasons for the Browns, hitting over .300 in 10 of those seasons. In fact, he would hit over .400 in 2 of those years-.407 in 1920 and .420 in 1922. It is worth noting that Sisler, who’s career BA is .340, missed the entire 1923 season, at 30 years of age, due to a severe sinus infection that severely affected his eyesight. Sisler was selected American League MVP after his 1922 performance.

Purchased by the Washington Senators after the 1927 season, Sisler would play in 20 games for Washington, hitting .245, when he was sold to the Boston Braves in late May of 1928. Sisler would go on to finish the season in Boston hitting .340. He’d hit .326 in 1929 and would finish a spectacular career with the Braves in 1930, hitting .309 in 116 games at 37 years of age.

Among Sisler’s other accomplishments, he’d lead the American League in runs in 1922, hits in 1920 and 1922, triples in 1921 and 1922, singles in 1920 and 1922 and stolen bases in 1918, 1921, 1922 and 1927.

Sisler served as a player/manager with the Browns in 1924, 1925 & 1926, his best year as manager being 1925 when he led the otherwise hapless Browns to a 3rd place finish with an 82-71 record.

SABR biography on George Sisler by Bill Lamberty

George Sisler career record