Dec 15

This Date in Washington Senators History – Happy Birthday to 97 year old Eddie Robinson

December 15

1909 The New York Highlanders sell Kid Eberfeld to the Washington Senators for $5,000.

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William Edward Robinson B Dec. 15, 1920 Still Livingeddie robinson

I’ve always wondered if any player ever played for all of the franchises in one league during his career. Eddie Robinson gets the “Close but no cigar” award, having played for 7 of the 8 franchises in the American League. He never played for the Boston Red Sox during his career.

4 time All Star 1st baseman Eddie Robinson played for 8 different American League teams (if we count the Athletics in Philadelphia and Kansas City as different teams) during his 13 year major league career.

The well traveled Robinson began his career in 1942 as a 21 year old rookie with the Cleveland Indians, appearing in 8 games.

Out of the major leagues from 1943 through 1945 during World War II, Robinson would return to the Indians for another 8 games in 1946.

1947 would be his first full season as a major leaguer, with Robinson making it into 95 games, hitting .245.

During the Indians World Series winning year of 1948, Robinson would hit .254 in 134 games.

Traded to the Washington Senators after the 1948 season (covered yesterday), Robinson would spend 1949 and a part of 1950 in a Senators uniform. In 1949 he’d hit .294 in 143 games for the Senators.

At the end of May, 1950, Robinson would be involved in another trade, one which sent Robinson, Al, Kozar and Ray Scarborough to the Chicago White Sox for Bob Kuzava, Cass Michaels and Johnny Ostrowski.

Robinson would finish the 1950 season in a White Sox uniform. He’d remain with the White Sox through the end of 1952.

At the end of 1952, Robinson would be traded again, this time to the Philadelphia Athletics where he’d play in 1953.

Traded yet again after the season, Robinson would join the New York Yankees, where he’d play in 1954, 1955 and part of 1956. Robinson would play in his second World Series in 1955, that famous 7 game classic when the Brooklyn Dodgers finally overcame the Yankees for their only Worlds Championship while in Brooklyn.

In mid-June of 1956, Robinson would be traded again, back to the Athletics franchise, now home-ported in Kansas City, where he’d finish the 1956 season.

1957 would be Robinson’s last year in the majors, and if you’ve been keeping track thus far, we’ve still got two more francises to go. Robinson probably never unpacked his suitcase in 1957-he’d be traded by the Athletics to the Detroit Tigers where he’d start the 1957 season.

After appearing in 13 games as a Tiger, Robinson was released in mid-May and signed by the Cleveland Indians 2 days later for his second stint with that franchise.

After 29 games in Cleveland, Robinson would be released again at the end of June. After sitting out 2 months, Robinson would be signed by the Baltimore Orioles where he’d play in 4 final games, his last major league appearance coming in mid-September.

Robinson was selected to the American League All Star teams of 1949, 1951, 1952 and 1953 representing the Washington Senators, Chicago White Sox (twice) and the Philadelphia Athletics.

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