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  2. Numbers don’t tell the whole story – The Jim French Story — January 4, 2016
  3. Moe Berg Reports To The Senators In Biloxi in 1933 — November 11, 2015
  4. 1933 Washington Senators (Part 7) — October 14, 2015
  5. 1933 Washington Senators (Part 6) — October 13, 2015

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Mar 18

The Annual D.C. Baseball History Meeting: A wish that became a reality


I remember a chilly spring afternoon about twenty-two years ago, when I stepped into one of the many souvenir stores in Wrigleyville, Chicago’s nostalgic neighborhood intimately linked to Wrigley Field and baseball, while wearing my letterman-style jacket that sported a big curly W on the chest and the word “Senators” sewed on the back. Most …

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Jan 04

Numbers don’t tell the whole story – The Jim French Story

Jim French watching Ted Williams give batting instructions during spring training, 1969, at Pompano Beach, Florida.

To Washington Senators team owner Bob Short and team vice-president Joe Burke, Jim French was a triple-A catcher at best, but the team’s manager disagreed. “He does a darn good job at handling pitchers and gets the ball away fast,” said Ted Williams. “The runners don’t go hog-crazy on him.” Williams also added that in …

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Nov 11

Moe Berg Reports To The Senators In Biloxi in 1933

Where was Moe Berg? His where-a-bouts where unknown. Was he okay? All catchers, along with all pitchers and rookies, were required by rookie manager Joe Cronin to report to spring training in Biloxi, Mississippi, before the rest of the squad. All complied with the rookie manager’s wishes. All accept for Berg. The last word about …

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Oct 14

1933 Washington Senators (Part 7)

The hopes of a World Championship in the 1933 dream season of the Washington Senators appeared to be over. The Giants took a 3-0 lead in Game Five, and they sent General Crowder to the showers after 5 1/3 innings. With a runner on second, only one out, and with the Giants threatened to put …

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Oct 13

1933 Washington Senators (Part 6)

At the White House,two of America’s most beloved were surrounded about one-hundred sportswriters on the morning of October 6th.  The Writers listened as one of those American Heroes spoke while he had his arms around the other hero: “During the 1920 presidential campaign, I walked into the lobby and found the crowd, which I thought …

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Oct 07

1933 Washington Senators (Part 5)

“It’ll be different in Washington,” said Senators third base coach Al Schacht after Washington lost Game Two in New York to fall behind, 2-0, in the 1933 World Series. “Yeah, it’ll be different when we beat (Earl) Whitehill for a change,” responded Giants second baseman Hughie Critz. Rain fell on Washington D.C. on the morning …

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Oct 05

The 1933 Senators – Game 2 of the 1933 World Series

(Part 4) When the Senators arrived at the Polo Grounds for Game 2 of the World Series, a host of college-aged boys greeted them by humming a funeral tune. The same group of youngsters hummed their song as the Washington players walked down the steps leading from centerfield clubhouse to the field. Joe Cronin, Buddy …

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Oct 03

1933 Senators – Game One of the 1933 World Series

Part 3 Buddy Myer was anything but calm when he arrived in the Senators clubhouse on the morning of October 3rd. Washington’s star second baseman was taxiing to the Polo Grounds when he saw a pedestrian walk into the path of his vehicle. The man was able to dodge the cab, but stepped before of …

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Oct 03

The 1933 Washington Senators (Part 2)

St. Louis Browns pitcher Garland Braxton was on his way home to North Carolina after the conclusion of the1933 season when he had heard from the Washington Senators. Because he was one of the few screwball pitchers in baseball, he was offered a job to pitch to the Washington lineup during the second day of …

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Oct 02

1933 Washington Senators prepare for World Series (Part One)

Washington was heading to the World Series for the first time since 1925. On September 21st, the Washington Senators clinched the 1933 American League pennant with a 2-1 victory over the St. Louis Browns. They would meet the New York Giants in the World Series, which would begin in less than two weeks. The Senators’ …

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