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Nov 10

Veterans Day Special – Baseball in D.C. during WWII

On Friday November 5, 2010, I was fortunate to have attended the American Veterans Center panel discussion and exhibit at Nationals Park. This event, held in observance of Veterans Day, had as “honored guests “wounded warriors” from Walter Reed Hospital. There were several former major league ballplayers who appeared in a panel discussion hosted by …

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Mar 18


“IN THE SPRING A YOUNG MAN’S FANCY LIGHTLY TURNS TO THOUGHTS OF LOVE”.….and baseball! The great, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Poet Laureate of the UK, penned these famous words in his poem, Locksley Hall….and as baseball players and fans for many generations have added…..and baseball! With the 2012 spring training season “just around the corner” I …

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Jul 28

Gunshots from inside Fenway Park

Here is a true story about Ted Williams that might be of interest to DC baseball fans. One year, possibly 1941 although I don’t know that for certain, the Washington Senators would arrive early at Fenway Park in Boston for batting practice and were surprised to hear gunshots from inside Fenway Park!  As it turned …

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Nov 11

Baseball in Washington D.C. – The political and military connection

2012 has certainly been an exciting year for Washington baseball fans and players – it has been a long time coming! All of Washington should be very excited by the play of The Nationals this year.  While the outcome of the St. Louis Cardinals divisional series is not what Washington baseball fans wanted, the fact …

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Jun 08

Ballfield to Battlefierld and Back, From FDR to JFK

Available for immediate delivery – just in time for Father’s Day! Through the eyes of two former major league ballplayers George Case and Mickey Vernon of the Washington Senators, we get a FIRST time look at life in the “Big Leagues” by those who lived it. Ballfield to Battlefield and Back from FDR to JFK …

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Apr 25

Bucky Harris Hall of Fame Induction

Stanley “Bucky” Harris Hall of Fame induction 1975 I was very fortunate to have accompanied my father, as invited guests, of the Harris family to the induction of “Bucky” Harris into the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown in 1975. As many of you are aware, Bucky Harris was known as “The Boy Wonder” player-manager for …

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Mar 28

Opening Day in Washington “Throwing Out the First Ball”

I’d like to discuss a Washington baseball tradition that, unfortunately, in my opinion, has been lost “in the sands of time.” The ceremonial first pitch was a long-standing tradition at Griffith Stadium and later at DC (RFK) Stadium in Washington DC. This tradition began in 1910 with President William Howard Taft “throwing out the first …

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Jan 19

The Legacy of Griffith Stadium

I would like to discuss the “Legacy of Griffith Stadium” and some of those wonderful memories of a time in the not so distant past – unfortunately memories are just about all that is left for those who remember major league baseball in Washington DC before the current Washington Nationals. This may serve as a …

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Jan 17

Growing Up at Griffith Stadium

In keeping with our theme of ‘timeless baseball” I thought it might be of interest to remember some of my childhood days as the son of a major league baseball player. I was very fortunate to have literally “grown up” at Griffith Stadium in Washington DC, where my dad had patrolled the outfield for the …

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