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  5. Davy Force Fugitive from Justice — March 3, 2014

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Apr 11

Sockalexis Comes to Washington

Saturday 5 June 1897. Louis Francis Sockalexis plays his first game in the Nation’s Capitol. Born 24 October 1871 in Maine. Sockalexis attended Holy Cross, then signed with the Cleveland League franchise and made his debut with them. Sockalexis has been a wonder for the Spiders, his only weakness is ground balls and he is …

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Apr 03

13 September 1897 The Ladies Day Riot

The District’s long association with baseball is unique. One event which has generated a lot of press is the Ladies Day Riot of 1897. The events that transpired that day, sadly enough, don’t support the legend. It wasn’t much of a riot, was not even ladies day and the team did not curtail the practice …

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Mar 18

Basketball 1896/1897

For a time in the 1890s many believed that indoor baseball would become “the” winter sport. Originated in Chicago the popularity of the game quickly spread. But many were offended by the rowdy behavior of the players and spectators. This left an opening for basketball. Like its counterpart basketball also had to deal with “rowdyism.” …

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Mar 12

Spring Training Notes

Next year will mark the 10th anniversary of the Nats arrival in Viera. If you decide to fly down take money for the tolls. Parking is $7 on grass fields with a small handicapped parking lot near the stadium. For those so inclined there is “free” parking just past the stadium in municipal lots. It …

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Mar 03

Davy Force Fugitive from Justice

Davey Force - nicknames, Wee Davy or Tom Thumb

Our story originates in San Francisco’s Barbary Coast. The calendar is opened to Christmas Eve 1896. The “Coast” not for the faint hearted. It has more than just a “bad” reputation, even the police feared to enter the “Coast.” 24 December 1896 San Francisco Call. “FATALLY SHOT IN A SALOON” “Dave Fauss Fires Three Bullets …

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Feb 26

“Old Reliable” Learns a Lesson

Washington has enjoyed a long list of good baseball writers. From RM Larner to Dick Heller, District baseball fans have been entertained, enlightened and cajoled by their penmanship. The following tale from the pen of the talented John Heydler dates to the spring of 1896. Rumors were flying that Jim McGuire was going to forsake …

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Feb 21

The 1948 Project – 17 September 1948 Whispers from Washington

Walt Masterson steps to the rubber, this day he will be facing fire-balling Bob Feller. It has been a good year, but not a great year for Feller. Masterson is having a good year despite his record of 8-13.Jim Hegan breaks the tie in the second with a two run home run. In the fourth …

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Feb 20

The 1948 Project – 16 September 1948 Whispers from Washington

Larry Doby’s Grand Slam puts first game out of reach. Eddie Yost, now comfortably situated in the lead-off position doubled to left. Al Kozar followed with a single to right that scored Yost and Kozar went to second on the throw home. Yost scored the second run of the inning when Bud Stewart singled. That …

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Feb 14

2014 Predictions – Pitching

Pitchers and catchers report. Here is how some of the ratings services view the Nationals. The top five National starters last year pitched 833 innings or 57.6% of the total pitched. Another way to look at the 2013 pitching staff is their WAR rating. The big four had a total of 9.8, although it was …

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Feb 13

“All Up!”

6 July in the midst of a modest winning streak one Washington paper takes it upon itself to ask fans, “”Root harder!” All Up in the seventh! We’re on the road to ninth place.” Maybe only in Washington would making it to ninth place be considered something of value to achieve, but the remark, “All …

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