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May 26

The 2015 Firpo Marberry Award Nominee

Perhaps the greatest relief pitcher that the old Washington Nationals ever sent out to rescue the game was Firpo Marberry. Forty-five years before the “Save” became part of baseball nomenclature, Firpo was saving some of the most important games in DC Baseball history. In 1924, Marbery recorded 15 Saves in a season in which he …

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May 07

Bryce and Frank

Frank Howard was Washington, DC’s most prodigious home run hitter, leading the American League in long balls in both 1968 and 1970, but his best year was 1969 when he hit 48, though he finished second to Harmon Killibrew that season who hit 49 to lead the Majors. When Bryce Harper hit three home runs …

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