Tag: AJ Cole

May 18

Solid Scherzer is Nats’ anchor

Lots of people thought the Nationals already had the best starting pitching in the major leagues before Jan. 21, when Max Scherzer joined the team with a seven-year, $120 million free-agent deal. Some might even have thought it was a superfluous move by the Nats, an investment that might have been better made in another …

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Jan 16

Back where we started: Morse shipped to Seattle; AJ Cole comes home

The Nationals have completed the eagerly-anticipated Michael Morse trade, a three-team deal with the Seattle Mariners and Oakland Athletics that will leave some of the major players with a sense of deja vu. According to The Washington Post’s Adam Kilgore and other media outlets, Morse returns to his first big league organization,  Seattle, while the …

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