Tag: Buck Freeman

Apr 29

The Great Fan Boycott

Washington has its fair share of bad owners, but the butcher boys from Philly were in a class by themselves. In August 1893 the Wagner’s announce that their will transfer their home games to several cities including Chicago, Cleveland and Philadelphia. The transfer of games to Philadelphia was done without proper League approval and has …

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Feb 10

Toronto Seven

13 September 1898, Washington fans are awakened to headlines that the Wagners had sold the team to Arthur Irwin. One paper penned this article; “Well, the break has come at last, and we are to experience a change in the management of the Senators. Arthur Irwin, the Toronto magnate, has purchased an interest in the …

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May 06


Buck Freeman’s return to the District in 1898 created a wave of Buckmania. The bleachers were quickly renamed Bucksville and fans were in awe of his long home runs. On 12 October 1899 in a 9-7 loss to New York Buck Freeman hits his 25th and last home run of the season. In doing so …

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