Tag: Jack Doyle

Jan 22

Jack Stivetts Baseball Thief

Saturday 30 April 1898 Jack Stivetts was a hard playing, hard drinking ballplayer. He could also swing a bat and was among the fastest pitchers in the game. All in all a unique ball player. But did you know he loved to steal baseballs. The game at National Park Saturday afternoon, in which the Senators …

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Jan 21

“McGuire Goes”

13 July 1899, Washington trades Jim McGuire to the Brooklyn Dodgers. McGuire is the most popular player on the roster. His exodus joins a long list of other players whose departure was done not to improve the team but line the pockets of the Wagners. Here is the report in the press. Managers Arthur Irwin …

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Jan 12

Interview with Jack Doyle

Jack Doyle was smart, tough and one of the most respected players of his generation. Born in Killorglin, Ireland he went on to attend school at Fordham. This interview was written just after the Wagner’s had acquired him from Baltimore. His stay in Washington would be short; he would soon be sold to New York. …

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Jan 11

Warm Weather and talk turns to Baseball

Baseball fans sit and wait for the weather to turn, while some make plans for the trip down south to catch their team in the Grapefruit League. Once again Washington fans have reason to be optimistic. New arrivals like Jerry Blevens and Doug Fister should bolster a formidable line-up. Maybe Mr. Espinosa can learn how …

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