Tag: Jhonatan Solano

Jun 17

“Can’t anybody here play this game?”

As the Nationals struggled again to bring runners home in their 2-0 loss in Cleveland on Sunday, their fans must have been fuming. With apologies to Casey Stengel, or whoever initiated the quote that became the title of Jimmy Breslin’s book chronicling the 1962 Mets, the question “Can’t anybody here play this game?” comes to …

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Jun 16

For Strasburg, is it all about his Catcher?

This morning I was going through Stephen Strasburg‘s statistics on baseball-reference.com and I saw some numbers that really surprised me. When you dig deep into his numbers you will notice Strasburg performs much better when Wilson Ramos or Jhonatan  Solano is catching for him compared to when Kurt Suzuki is his catcher. As you can …

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