Tag: Tommy Tucker

May 02

Umpire Leaves game under police protection.

Thursday 2 September 1897 Pittsburgh 6 Washington 5 The concluding game of the series between the Pittsburgh’s and Washington’s at National Park was brought to a sensational finish in the eighth inning when Umpire Kick Kelly called the game with two out, two runs in, a man on third and one run necessary to tie …

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Apr 03

13 September 1897 The Ladies Day Riot

The District’s long association with baseball is unique. One event which has generated a lot of press is the Ladies Day Riot of 1897. The events that transpired that day, sadly enough, don’t support the legend. It wasn’t much of a riot, was not even ladies day and the team did not curtail the practice …

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Jan 12

Interview with Jack Doyle

Jack Doyle was smart, tough and one of the most respected players of his generation. Born in Killorglin, Ireland he went on to attend school at Fordham. This interview was written just after the Wagner’s had acquired him from Baltimore. His stay in Washington would be short; he would soon be sold to New York. …

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