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1960 Home Run Derby – Washington Players

Home Run Derby, was produced by Lou Breslow and hosted by Actor and Baseball Broadcaster Mark Scott, it was released in the winter of 1960. The show aired from January, 1960 to July, 1960. Washington was represented by Harmon Killebrew, Bob Allison, and Jim Lemon. Thanks to Jack Toomey for suggesting we post these videos. …

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Jul 23

When the Stars (and so Much Else) Came to Washington

So many years have passed since the nation’s capital last hosted baseball’s All-Star game that most people have forgotten the unique, unforgettable events that took place before and during the 1969 midsummer classic as well as one of the many fiascos one Robert E. Short committed during his sad, incompetent tenure as the Washington Senators’ …

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Jul 11

Remembering the Last All-Star Game played in the Nation’s Capital

Major League baseball’s mid-summer classic was held at RFK Stadium on July 23, 1969. The sell-out crowd 45,259 that included President Richard M. Nixon witnessed some of the hardest hit home runs in All Star game history. In total there were five home runs hit during the 1969 All Star game. The National League went …

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