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Jun 20

This Date in Washington Senators History

June 20 1905 – St. Louis extends the Nationals losing streak to 7 with a 12-3 blowout in Washington. The defeat sends the Nationals into the cellar of the AL. 1913 – The woeful Yankees easily take the opener of a doubleheader, 9-3, in D.C. Second game Sens starter Bert Gallia looks to set a …

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May 02

Umpire Leaves game under police protection.

Thursday 2 September 1897 Pittsburgh 6 Washington 5 The concluding game of the series between the Pittsburgh’s and Washington’s at National Park was brought to a sensational finish in the eighth inning when Umpire Kick Kelly called the game with two out, two runs in, a man on third and one run necessary to tie …

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Apr 30

1897 Violence on the Field

1897 saw an increase in rowydism. None suffered more than the umpires. While the 1897 Mercer Ladies day riot has gotten some press there was one incident in Cincinnati that gets little mention. Cincinnati, Aug. 4. On account of threatening weather only two thousand persons witnessed today’s double header. In the first game Billy Rhines …

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Apr 03

13 September 1897 The Ladies Day Riot

The District’s long association with baseball is unique. One event which has generated a lot of press is the Ladies Day Riot of 1897. The events that transpired that day, sadly enough, don’t support the legend. It wasn’t much of a riot, was not even ladies day and the team did not curtail the practice …

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Jan 22

Jack Stivetts Baseball Thief

Saturday 30 April 1898 Jack Stivetts was a hard playing, hard drinking ballplayer. He could also swing a bat and was among the fastest pitchers in the game. All in all a unique ball player. But did you know he loved to steal baseballs. The game at National Park Saturday afternoon, in which the Senators …

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Jan 12

Mercer’s Nicknames

Win Mercer was a not only a good pitcher but a versatile player, being one of the fastest players of his day. He was a smart pitcher who kept a book on all the hitters. A correspondent writing to the Sporting Life from East Liverpool, Ohio, says: “While it is not generally known, the name …

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Jan 11

Warm Weather and talk turns to Baseball

Baseball fans sit and wait for the weather to turn, while some make plans for the trip down south to catch their team in the Grapefruit League. Once again Washington fans have reason to be optimistic. New arrivals like Jerry Blevens and Doug Fister should bolster a formidable line-up. Maybe Mr. Espinosa can learn how …

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May 08

Washington baseball fans go after O’Day

On August 20, 1895 the Cleveland Spiders defeat the Washington Senators 8-7. This game features two well known players. Win Mercer in the box and Hank O’Day behind the plate, each at the start of their respective careers. Win Mercer is in his second season. At 21, with 17 wins in his rookie season, he …

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Mar 27

Selbach’s Secret Weapon

Albert Karl “Kip” Selbach is one of the early stars for Washington. He is one of a few who played for the District’s National and American League franchises. In his seven years of service with Washington Kip amassed 921 hits. On 27 April 1903, Boston comes into town to play three games against Washington. So …

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